Find yourselves a ten minute spare time and conduct a small search on Google by writing “great career” or writing “how to have a good career?”

In a matter of seconds, you will come across more than 1.5 to 2 million website hits, blogs, articles and videos teaching and training you to have a successful career and how to achieve something great in your life.

However, most of the training programs will touch on the context and the prerogative of the materialistic side of the world and the outer tactics that can help you become something in your life. This outer tactics will usually include ways to earn more money, find a good paying job, exercise authority and power or become a successful leader.

However, the meaning of happiness and fulfilling career goes far beyond that. It is that inner satisfaction and peace that you should have in your life and career you are in and it has nothing to do with the money you earn. There are examples of the highest earning people having no peace and satisfaction not even a single second for them to spend and enjoy all the money they have earned. Today’s guest post will touch upon the topic of finding that fulfilling and satisfactory feeling alongside your career, no matter if you earn a dollar less compared to your peers.

Define what makes you happy and stick to those boundaries

Sometimes when we see people earning a lot of fame and money and we are not, despite we work hard compared to them, we get carried away. We start to influence ourselves through their ways, we try to live in the frame as they are because we think that is the only way to success and happiness. To find true happiness and satisfaction, work on what makes you happy and define those boundaries. Be indifferent to the world, when it comes to your happiness. Stay healthy to the fact that nothing can tempt you to stay away from your own personal time, not even money.

Money should chase you and not vice-versa

If you start chasing money by comparing yourselves and your wealth to others, you will always be on the losing side. There is no stopping to a money race, you will always be chasing it. So stop and do not allow money or wealth to define you and your life, instead work hard and develop such a talent that money should be chasing you. You should be getting opportunities where money automatically comes to you.

Live on experiences, not in office

People dedicate most of their lives to workplaces and in the end they have nothing to share, but few files and how they compromised on having a good time with their folks. So start to live on experiences and good times, rather than sticking to office and dedicating all your hours to your workplace, there is a fine line between being hard working and overworking.

Learn gratitude

Thanking the Almighty for what you have and being satisfied with it takes a lot of courage; a human being is never happy and always wants something that the other person has. Learn the art of gratitude if you wish to truly find happiness and peace on the inside.

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