Crafting a Fabulous Resume, Even If You Have Limited ExperienceWriting a good resume – or CV – can actually be one of the toughest challenges when it comes to job hunting.

It’s common knowledge that employers spend just a few seconds scanning each resume before sticking it in the yes or no pile.

Your CV is designed to only do one thing and that is to get you an interview. But because the recruiter will only spend a minute on yours, you must make a good impression quickly.

Here’s how to take your poor, sad resume with limited work history….and convert it to a powerful tool, showing relevant experience. Such a transformation will increase your chances of getting a better job.

Become an Intern

Internships are helpful because they enable you to gain work experience and acquire transferable skills.

Your education level is not always important to potential employers. But applicable skills are.

Applicants who have undergone internship programs are always more marketable than those who have not. Such applicants require less training, and employers assume that those applicants are actually able to handle more responsibilities.

Internships provide practical experience, allowing you to apply the theoretical concepts you learned in school. Going for an internship will greatly help to improve your CV.


Volunteering is another venue that can provide relevant experience while teaching you valuable new skills.

According to a survey conducted by TimeBank  among 200 of the UK’s leading businesses, 73% of all employers would prefer recruiting a candidate who has volunteering experience over one without.

And 94% of all employers actually believe that volunteering can indeed add skills. The study also showed that 94% of all employees who have volunteered to learn new skills had actually benefited by getting a job.

Take A Class

Taking a new class – even just a weekend course – can help to gain skills that are in demand.

There are numerous free online courses, and you can look for the one that best fulfills your needs.

Employers look for those applicant who have valuable skills that the help the company or the organization. So even if you don’t have money to enroll in the nearby college, go online and find one for free.

Learn a Foreign Language

Leaning the basics of a foreign language is very useful and can help you improve your resume greatly.

There are many companies nowadays that want to relocate or expand their market in other countries. You can have an added advantage if you state in your resume that you actually know how to speak a foreign language.

Join a Professional Association

Becoming a member of a professional association can help broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills.

Many professional organizations help their members find jobs via referral & recommendations. Some also mentor their members and offer professional development opportunities. Many managers like to employ professional association members because of this.

So your resume might not seem so impressive at the moment, but with a little effort you can turn yourself into a more marketable asset and make your resume shine. Good luck!

About the Author:  Miles Wiseman is a writer and blogger from Brisbane who takes particular interest in finance, business and employment. He writes about all the interesting things related to job search and career development.

Image courtesy of ConorLuddy