What exactly is emotional intelligence and why is it so important in the workplace? Emotional intelligence, or EQ for short, is the ability to be aware of and to be able to name and manage your own emotions. It is also the ability to be able to comprehensively understand the emotions of other people around you. A person with good emotional intelligence will also be able to relate to others in effective ways, both personally and professionally, across a variety of contexts and roles. This is particularly important in today’s workplace.

Emotional intelligence assists both the employee and the employers to manage their stress levels. It is an integral part of enhancing co-operation with other people and in the case of the workplace, your colleagues. Studies have found that 67% of all competencies deemed essential for high performance in the work environment were linked to emotional intelligence. Interestingly, studies also show that emotional intelligence mattered twice as much as technical knowledge or IQ for this higher workplace performance metric.

Emotional Intelligence and Your Career (Infographic)

Infographic provided by https://www.brightonsbm.com/.