Simon Sinek is a resource we highly recommend. From his TED videos and books like “Leaders Eat Last” and “Find your Why he really captures what it takes to be a leader.

There is a great video of Simon being interviewed by Tom Bilyeu. I was a little late finding it as 2.5 Million people have already viewed it.

Simon creates a simple analogy about how you fall in love with your wife or significant other … and what you do to create the same connection between a leader, company and employee.  Why do some companies have 25% turn over and some companies 5%? Both companies could be in same industry and with same challenges. Why so different?

Leadership is not something you learn in two-day course and not something you implement as the program of the quarter. It is just like falling in love. It is a series of little things that you do over and over.

It does not have to be the whole company. It rolls up from individual leaders. Anthropologists think the ideal size is 150 people. This the maximum network an Individual can nurture.

Another big learning is the importance of sticking with a set of habits over the long hall. I remember a lesson I got from my father… “You judge others by their behavior and yourself by your intentions.”

The great leaders we work with, consistently, day in and day out, practice a set of habits that make people feel safe, respected and challenged. Consistency is the source of their leadership strength.

Want an example?  When you ask someone how their day is … do you care about the answer?

Building your culture or tribe where you share beliefs and sense of belonging is not easy. It takes great of courage. But courage is not internal, it comes from the support we feel we get from others. First you create your followers and then they create you.

Invest 11 minutes in watching Simon’s interview… it will give you a Jolt.