I got a jolt when I first watched a Prince Ea video. He has a way with words that brings you into the video and holds on to you. As he says in video below, you will never be the same again after you experience something new.

I often use a Dan Sullivan question with my clients, “When will you die?”

It turns out we all have a number in our head created from family experience and how we judge our physical health. But it’s just a number and you can manage that number now to be what you want.

I know accidents happen, but that is the front half of actuarial table…  the back half is mismanagement and not taking advantage of breakthroughs happening every day.

There was a research study of 100 elderly people who were near death and asked what were their biggest regrets. It was never what they had done that they regretted, it was what they had not risked doing.

We see that when working with executives between 55 and 70. Usually their focus isn’t on going for the next brass ring. It’s how do they keep adding value and live on their own terms. A powerful question I ask them is: “If you were 90 years old and looking back over your life, what are your unacceptable regrets?”

When you look back will you be able to say you really lived… you took a risk to achieve something that truly illustrated your potential?

But what if you are 25-40 years old…  there may be no potential you can’t achieve if you can see it clearly and focus on your moonshot goal.

Are you ready to find your potential and a build a plan?

Get a jolt… find out where the richest place in the world is!

Prince EA is an American rapper, poet, film maker, artist and futurist. You will get Jolts listening and watching his inspiration. Follow the links on him in Google or visit his YouTube Channel.