Cooking Up A Career Change - or TwoTen years ago, would you have guessed that gluten-free crackers, salty savory chocolates, and popped potato chips would be popular and successful products?

Probably not. After all, who in the world thought those things would actually sell?

Rachel Hofstetter, a former Food Editor for O, the Oprah Magazine, wanted to know the stories behind such ventures – the wins, and the mistakes involved along the way.

Cooking Up A Career Change - or TwoSo she got to know the people behind companies like popchips, Justin’s, Evol, and smashburger.

And then she wrote Cooking Up a Business: Lessons from Food Lovers Who Turned Their Passion into a Career — and How You Can, Too.

We recently spoke with Rachel, who has gone through a few career changes along the way, and she shared these nuggets of career wisdom with us:

  • How knowing someone’s story changes everything (2:15)
  • Why “loving what you do” isn’t always wine & roses (6:18)
  • How stress is actually good – and why you need it (7:10)
  • How she knew she was in the wrong career (7:45)
  • The one question you must ask yourself before leaving a job or career (10:30)
  • The skills you need – but don’t necessarily show on your resume (12:00)
  • How to painlessly build an amazing network (27:01)
  • Her advice on approaching a career change (33:17)

Hope you enjoy the interview!