Offices are always looking for ways to “boost productivity” with their fancy layouts, open offices, and voodo magic.  But this might be one of the more creative approaches I’ve heard of in a long time…and it actually works.

It seems that the reason coffee shops are so popular for the modern worker is that coffee shops have that happy medium between being too noisy and distracting – like an open office – or two quite and intimidating – like a closed office.

Even research suggests coffee shops have a magical impact on getting work done.

New Web App Gives You the Coffee Shop Feeling Wherever You Choose to Work

So how do you get the coffee shop vibe when you are stuck in a cubicle, your home office, or an open floor of chaos?

It’s just a click away. plays back the gentle buzz of work and conversation you’d hear in a typical Starbucks.  You can even choose from a variety of tracks including “Morning Murmur,” “Lunchtime Lounge,” or “University Undertones.”

Give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments below.