So….anger primarily occurs in your head, and happiness is felt all over your body?

That’s what scientists in Finland have determined based on research involving over 700 subjects from Sweden, Taiwan & Finland.

In addition to mapping where our emotions are felt, the researchers also concluded that these emotional signatures are not subject to cultural bias, but instead are tied to our biological systems.

Interested? Read the full study here.


So How Does This Affect My Job?

Knowing where in the body emotions are felt can help doctors better treat mood disorders like anxiety and depression. But at Careertopia, we’re more focused on how your emotions impact your career.

The big question is, what do you do with your emotions?

Which begs these more detailed questions:

  • Are you able to recognize and understand your emotions & their effect on others?
  • Do you effectively control your disruptive impulses & suspend judgement when necessary?
  • Are you in touch with the motivators that drive you, beyond money or status?
  • Do you understand the emotional responses of other people?

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