The job search just got easier, thanks to smartphones taking the reins and allowing job seekers more freedom in how they look for their next place of employment. Android has more than a halfway decent list, but here are the top five, based on reviews and ratings on the Google Play store.

Indeed Jobs: Job Search


Best Android Apps to Help You Find a Job

With this app, you can:

Apply for jobs directly from your smartphone

  • Save jobs you like to your account
  • Discover great companies to work for
  • Get job match alerts
  • Sign in with Facebook or email

Many of the reviewers who have used this app say it allowed them to find a job fairly quickly, plus the ability to apply for jobs via your smartphone makes it so you are not chained to your desk.

Snagajob: Job Search

Best Android Apps to Help You Find a Job

 Snagajob’s app name may not be very original, and it delivers essentially the same features as Indeed Jobs’ app, but there are features that this app has that the first one doesn’t, such as:

 Location Maps

  • Search for hourly jobs
  • Shows who’s reviewed your application

 Like Indeed Jobs’ app, you can sign in via Facebook or your email, and being able to see who’s actually taken a look at your application eliminates the pins-and-needles waiting. For business owners publishing a job at Snagajob can be bit expensive, but by using coupon code you may save on job posting.

 Glass Door, Inc: Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Best Android Apps to Help You Find a Job

So many people out there have been burnt by bad companies, but many other companies shine when it comes to treating employees the way they deserve to be treated: with human honesty and respect. GlassDoor’s job search app really allows you to take a peek, via employee/ex-employee reviews, at which companies shine and which ones fail, as well as give pertinent info like position salaries, and extensive job descriptions. This is job-seeking transparency at its best.

Invilabs: Job HR Interview Questions

Best Android Apps to Help You Find a Job

 This isn’t specifically a job bank app, but rather a well-put-together list of common interview questions that, if not answered in the way most employers are looking for, will land you back to square one. This app gives you the whys of any particular question as well as the best way to answer so you can ace the interview and snag your coveted job. This is for both job search novice, or for someone who is still puzzled by the subtle nuances of most interview questions.

 Job Search Tips—

Best Android Apps to Help You Find a Job

For those just heading out into the workforce for the first time, or heading back in after a hiatus, this app is fantastic for giving you straight-to-the-point tips on:

  • Great resumes and how to construct them
  • Great cover letters

This app also includes a twenty-page interview prep list, which would go right in hand with the previous app. Expert advice is included via the most influential online recruiter: Peggy McKee.

If you’re needing a job, regardless of any economic uptick or downturn, these apps are amazing, and will boost your job search success exponentially.