Seven out of ten adults say they experience stress or anxiety every day.

And that makes sense. Work stressful.

You’ve got goals to hit, quotas to smash, bosses to schmooze, employees to coach, clients to win over, kids to take to Saturday soccer practice, a spouse to keep happy, pets to walk, and mortgages to pay.

And on top of that, everything you want to do to relax is a big no no. Don’t drink, don’t watch tv, don’t play games, don’t sleep, don’t leave the office at 5pm, don’t eat out, blah, blah, blah.

So what can you do to beat the stress and be happier?

This infographic from shows just where the stress enters our lives and what we can do to be happier.

If stress is affecting your work or job, I recommend considering one of our DISC Assessments. The assessment breaks down your natural and adapted work style, showing how you are compensating to get the work done and where stress is affecting your life.