Most organizations we work with today consider themselves a turnaround or they are transforming to a newer more responsive version of themselves to avoid the label “Turnaround”. 

What’s happening: 

  • Customers are demanding new products, solutions and business and partner processes
  • Organizations acquire or divest their parts
  • Organizations need to improve financials to free cash for investment to meet customer demands

We have conversations with our executive clients about how they can AI and robotics proof their own children’s careers with all the coming change. 

Our research shows that careers today have evolved to be multiple, 2-3 year assignments that need to be purposefully chained together.  Each assignment needs an onboarding step and then impact and then, rapid preparation for advancement to the next assignment.    

 If you look closer it may be that the roles within an assignment are continually changing.  The roles change because the business transformation challenges knowledge workers to outsource or automate selected roles and add new roles inside the apparent same assignment.  This can be done by shifting roles to company functions in lower cost locations (think off-shoring) or by leveraging IT automation.  

Over a year or two, a knowledge worker could have the same title but be doing a significantly different job and at higher productivity.  This continual transformation brings risk to work-life balance and burnout.  

So, the New Normal is…  I am Transforming…  continuously.  

There are answers in an old book that is still very relevant today…  so, find it and read Who Moved My Cheese? It’s a fast and easy read with a great message! 

It is no longer a search for new cheese every few years…  it’s a need to continuously look for new cheese and watch diligently for changes that will transform your current roles and assignment. 

As Darwin might have said if he was with us now…  The future will belong to the most adaptable cheese hunters.