That’s a loaded – and heavy – word, isn’t it?

Life can be all about making the right ones. Of course, what turns out to be ‘right’ often becomes clear only in hindsight.

That said, there are a few things in life that are quite likely to lead to regret. Here’s a look at the top 9 choices that each of us should avoid making.

#1 Pursuing a job you hate

There might be a thing or two or three that you dislike about your job. Fine, it isn’t that big a burden to deal with it. But if the only thing you like about your job is getting the weekend off, you’ll want to acknowledge that sooner, rather than later.

The money might be good, and the commute short, but it’s not worth waking up every Monday morning with dread in your belly.

#2 Wishing without action

You want a home in Beverly Hills, along with a Merc and a Rolex. So what do you do? Watch a sitcom and then tuck into bed.

If this is your regular cycle, you will end up only ‘wishing’. To get what you want, you need to work for it.

No one but you can attain your wishes. Consider the amount of joy you’ll feel when you’ve finally achieved what you wish for – the effort is totally worth it!

#3 Puffing through your days (and nights)

You may think that smoking helps you relax, but for those few perceived minutes of relaxation, you are almost dooming yourself to anxiety and wobbly health.

In fact, a study was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in which 668 adolescents were taken as the subject group. Out of these, those who smoked one pack per day were 12 times more susceptible to develop a panic disorder. And they were five times more likely to develop agoraphobia. So, are you up for regret, anxiety and phobias? If so, keep puffing.

#4 Wearing the selfish and arrogant tags

Not caring for those who really love you, or not helping the ones who have always stood by you calls for regret.

You are lucky enough to have this rare group in your life, so value them. Otherwise, by the time you realize that you have missed out on love, care and affection, you’ll have missed the boat.

#5 Forgetting to be happy

You remembered to stop at the store on the way home. So your mom, your girlfriend or your wife isn’t mad at you. But guess what, you forgot to be happy.

If you focus so much on meeting other people’s expectations, and doing what’s required, it’s likely you’ll forget all about being yourself and finding joy in the small things.

We all have struggles and irritable moments; it’s about dealing with these and looking for the silver in every dark cloud, every day.

Fret poured generously over a bowl of anger cannot always be the way to go on in life. Enjoy what you are doing, if not you have been merely surviving. Face it!

#6 Settling for less than you deserve

You must believe in your skills and talent. You should know what is rightfully yours and what you must get in return for your services. You should know that being firm about what you need to get is a must. Settling for lesser is a spark, which will later start a full-blown fire of regret.

#7 Turning into a ‘dream-giver’

Do you end up giving in to people’s views, opinions and decisions? Do you find it hard to stand up for yourself or fight for your dreams? Then you surely are going to regret being a ‘dream-giver’.

It’s great to be a good listener and keep an open mind, but giving up what you believe in just because people tell you your ideas are crazy, stupid, or not worth it, is akin to setting yourself up for a lifetime of regret.

The world has ridiculed the most brilliant mavericks time and again, only to fall at their feet later. Why? Because those mavericks stuck to their guns. The Wright Brothers, Galileo, Doppler, are just among the many dreamers who didn’t give their dreams away.

#8 Taping up your feelings

Getting the big brown scotch tape to seal your courage and feelings isn’t sealing the regret that you would face eventually. “I wish I had the guts to tell Daisy that I wanted to marry her. I wish I had told my mum how much I loved her. I wish I could tell my boss that I am capable enough to take up the project”. You sure don’t want your life to become a long list of would haves and could haves, do you?

#9 Forgetting to take time out

Everyone has work to do. Regretting that you have eventually turned into the ‘dull boy’ who didn’t take time out for play doesn’t make sense. Spend time with your family, friends and engage in hobbies. This will not only make you feel ‘not-regretful’ but also rejuvenate you, boosting your performance at work.

Although these realizations may feel like they’ve come late, it’s never too late to change. (Finally, a bit of motivation!) You can right away undo the things you know will bring you regret. Turn over a new and fresh leaf. And… don’t take ten years to do so!

About the author: Vani Chugh writes health, fitness and lifestyle posts for e-cigarettereviewed. She is an experienced blogger and has been in the profession for nearly 6 years.

Image courtesy of rachelg.