So you’re not thrilled with work lately, but you’re not sure what to do about it.

Job hunt? Go back to school? Pursue a promotion?

Well, before you invest the significant time, money & energy involved in those options, you might consider doing a little self-reflection via a DISC Assessment.

Why, you ask? What could it possibly have to offer? Well, here are a few benefits.

Increase Your Confidence

In a challenging, fast-paced work environment, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of the good stuff and just focus on what goes wrong each day. The mistakes you made, the lost sale, the frustrating clients. Your DISC assessment spells out your strengths and details what you do well.

The resulting report reminds you about the value you bring to the table, and also provides enlightening insights on areas where you don’t always shine.

Increased confidence positively impacts your work product, your teammates, and your overall satisfaction.

Enhance Your Relationship with Your Boss

A big part of what DISC delivers is heightened awareness about your own natural behaviors, and those of the people around you. Especially your boss.

It helps you see any potential disconnects – like why she drives you nuts sometimes. Keep in mind, you’re likely doing the same to her. This new awareness helps you plan your communications better, whether by email, phone or in person. Plus, your DISC assessment provides checklists on how to make this easier.

Fewer conflicts and a better connection with your boss. Things just got better.

Snag Better Assignments

When you know exactly how you provide value to your organization beyond your hard skills, it’s easier to go after assignments that capitalize on your strengths and enable you to give your best. The content in your DISC report spells this out for you, and you can use it to self-promote effectively, attracting better projects.

Improve For the Future

You know those strengths mentioned earlier? Well in some situations they’re not always perceived by others as strengths.

For example, being analytical can be valuable. But when under stress, the normally analytical person can be perceived as hesitant, or inflexible. Under extreme stress or fatigue, others may see that person as stubborn or even detached. It’s the same trait, but changing circumstances can take it from positive to negative.

Your DISC assessment highlights this issue specifically, creating awareness where you were previously oblivious. Merely knowing that this propensity exists helps you manage it better and prevent problems in the future.

Be the Good Guy

The understanding that DISC brings about your own behaviors creates similar awareness regarding the people around you. After reading through your DISC assessment, you’ll find yourself noticing others’ behavior relative to yours. When their behavior is similar to yours, communication is usually easier. When different, you’ll find a better way to connect with them, based on the content in your DISC report.

With fewer conflicts and more connections with the people around you, you become the good guy.

Bring Calm to Chaos

Again, the increased awareness you’ll experience is enlightening. Realizing that someone’s behavior is simply “their perspective” diminishes your emotional reactions to them and lets you focus on getting the job done. Instead of getting distracted, thinking, “This guy shouldn’t be like this!” you’re able to focus on the crisis at hand instead.

Turn Exhaustion into Enthusiasm

When you’re in a bad job fit, you spend all your energy just surviving. Confidence drops. You have little to no energy to find a solution. It’s a spiral path that ends in a pit of despair. Your DISC assessment will graphically reflect your mismatch and help you see what kind of environment, interactions, and responsibilities will energize – instead of drain – you. And it’s this new knowledge that drives the change you’re seeking.

Kickstart Your Job Hunt

Updating your resume isn’t exactly fun, but a few sections in your DISC assessment make it much easier. Between a thorough overview of your strengths & general characteristics to a detailed chart of descriptors, the time involved in revising your resume and preparing for interviews is significantly decreased. And don’t forget the confidence boost mentioned earlier in this post – it’s quite valuable when you hit the job boards.

So if you’re ready to do a little self-reflection before making any life-altering decisions, congrats! For pricing on a DISC assessment package, click here.