Getting called for an interview is usually the first step towards actually getting hired at the company you desire to work for. After the getting the call, you are likely going to do your best to prepare for the interview so that your chances of success are greatly increased. Naturally, you will concentrate on the questions you are likely to be asked and the best answers to give during the interview. However, another way that you can impress an interviewer is by asking appropriate questions. Here are some questions that will ensure that an interviewer has you in mind when making the final decision on the position.

What activities does the person in this position do on a typical day?

Although you already read the job description when filling in employment forms as part of the application, this question allows you to hear more about the job from the interviewer. In some cases, the daily activities may differ slightly from the tasks outlined in the job description and this can only be revealed by the person conducting the interview.

How is performance evaluated in the position?

The channels that a company uses to evaluate its employees reveals a lot about them, thus making this question a very important one for you. Some companies require reports on weekly basis, while others are more flexible in their evaluation processes making working with them much easier. On the other hand, this question also indicates to an interviewer that you are looking for a job that meets your needs not just any job which you can resign from when you get a better offer.

Are there any challenges worth mentioning in this role?

Every job has its challenges and this question demonstrates that you are ready to face any that may come with the position. As the interviewer list the expected challenges associated with the job, listen carefully and then take the opportunity to highlight your skills that can be used to tackle the challenges that he or she mentioned.

According to you, who would be considered as a successful candidate in this position? 

This is another question that you can use to display that you are best fit for the job when compared to other candidates that may have sent in their applications. Most times, interviewers consider this question to be a demonstration of your interest to be successful at the job position that they want filled. Furthermore, the question will allow the interviewer to bring out their expectations for the position thus allowing you to offer exactly what they need when restating your skills concerning the position.

Is there a career path for someone in this role?

If you want to demonstrate that you plan to work for this company for an extended time period and want to build your career with them, this is the question to ask. Most employers are happy with employees that are always looking ahead and want to see the company they work for succeed as well. On the other hand, the question also allows you to know if there is an opportunity to be promoted to higher positions if a vacancy is available thus allowing you to grow your career. Another way to frame this question, would be to ask about their future plans in the next five or ten years.

What do you love about being part of this company?

This question is likely going to put a smile on the interviewers face especially if they love working for the company. However, if that is not the case, you will have their views about the company so that you can make a better decision when offered the job. All the same, the question will be considered to be thoughtful by most interviewers thus giving them a chance to reveal information about the company that you might have not been aware of earlier.

In conclusion, the interview process for any job is strenuous for the interviewer and job seeker but is usually the determinant on whether you will be hired for the job or not. Therefore, aim to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer by the questions asked when given the chance.