If you’re considering a career change, you’re not alone—25 percent of Americans change careers every single year, according to Right.com.

So if you’re looking for a new challenge, simply need a change of scenery, or want to find a career that offers a higher salary potential, you need to consider the required training and the costs involved.

To minimize your overall investment, consider a career that requires certificate programs that take six months or less.

Six Fast & Frugal Career Transitions

1. Heavy Equipment Operator

The program required for a heavy equipment operator can be completed in as little as three months, and the job prospects are modest. Student Scholarships.com confirms that new infrastructure funding will push demand for this type of work in the next year or two. The number of job prospects is set to match the demand, making this field competitive in a healthy and productive way.

2. Paralegal

The paralegal industry is as vast as the real estate industry—paralegals and legal assistants are found in many organizations, but the majority are at law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies.

In the case of paralegal, there is no universal certification that is accepted across the board. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the quickest way to become a paralegal is through a certificate in paralegal studies.

Comparatively, interning is an immediate way to get hands-on experience and pursue paralegal long-term.

3. Manicurist

An often overlooked subfield of cosmetology, this program only requires a handful of months to certify. Working World details that job prospects are fair, and salary right out the gate can easily reach $20,000 annually. Fortunately, this is only slightly less than the salary expectations of a full (and more lengthy) cosmetology program, which Money US News reports as $22,700.

4. Veterinary Assistant

As a veterinary assistant, you’ll be responsible for assisting veterinarians and specialists during treatment and care. A Veterinary Assistant program can be completed in as little as four months via programs like PennFoster.edu. It is also an excellent point-of-entry for being a lead veterinarian. The cost of the program, compared to a four year’s bachelor program at an accredited average school, is 84 percent less.

5. Real Estate Broker

Becoming a real estate broker requires a number of examinations and courses as specified by your state; however you can begin the process during a two- week real estate license course.

6. Accountant

According to Get Educated, the accounting industry expects a 10 percent increase in demand. Because the field is vast, it gives newcomers to the industry a world of options. If you’re considering entering this field, a certification program takes approximately six months to complete.

Depending on your personal goals, one of these paths might suit your needs. With limited time and cash investment required to certify, you could be off and running in a new career before you know it.

Image courtesy of Ben Earwicker.