When searching for a job, people often tend to assume that it is only the employers who are interested in finding the best. While in some circumstances it comes out as such especially when you are desperately searching for a job, as an employee searching for a job, you are or should look for the basic minimum that your employer should fulfill. It is for this reason that you will find yourself skipping some job postings even though you are more than qualified to take them. An employer also needs to prove their worth to you. Here are some of the things that you should actively look for in every potential employer.

1. Career development and potential growth

Every employee is looking for a place where they can grow both personally and professionally. As an employee, you want a place where, when you join as a junior officer, you can rise through the ranks and one day become a senior manager at the same firm. Career development happens to be the most common motivator for employees seeking jobs. An employee often looks at a firm’s size, growth, vision and compares all these things with what they personally want in their career and life and decide whether they really want to be part of that firm.

2. Work-life balance

You really don’t want a job where you are working 14 hours a night unless it is your own business. As an employee, you want a job which allows you to have some personal time. You get to relax during such times, have some family time, create and strengthen your social network as well as avoid work burnouts. A workplace that doesn’t give employees flexibility is usually quite unpopular with job seekers.

3. Type of leadership

Before applying for a job, you will find yourself asking around what culture the potential employer has. Whether they treat their employees with respect or whether you will get bulldozed by the bosses. You will also want to know if there is any training on the job or whether the leaders throw you to a new task without even telling you what is expected of you. An employee will want to go to a place where they can find a mentor who can help them grow and who will help them learn everything about the job and the company.

4. Company vision, mission, and goals

A company that has clear set goals sets fertile grounds for innovation and new ideas. If a company has a vague vision which is hard to define and which contradicts with an employee’s career goals, then the employee will lack motivation and sooner or later they will leave for employers who offer clear direction or has a clear vision.

5. Financial well-being

For most people, this should have been the first on the list, however, unconsciously or consciously, your financial well-being is only one of the major considerations. Every employee wants to get commensurate pay to the task or the job they handle. However, an employee also considers the size of the firm and what other employees in their career and grade in other firms are getting. It is for this reason that employees are keen to know how much an employee is paying for a particular advertised job role.

About the author

Helen Evans, Marketing Manager of JobTonic.in, has been in the career development field for 5 years. She likes to share interesting tips to help people find their dream job. Her goal is to share what she has learned about searching job. Dream job is closer than you imagine!