Maybe you haven’t found an open position yet.

Maybe you’re miserable in your current job and are looking for a way out. Maybe you just want to try something new to fill a current void.

Whatever the reason, taking on a temp job isn’t something that most people accept as a legitimate job opportunity. And in all honesty, maybe it won’t end up as one.

But then again, maybe it will. Temp jobs don’t get their due credit, and can actually work as great tools to use to your advantage, both on a personal and professional level. Don’t believe me? Here’s how…


1.      Exposure

If you’re stuck in the unfathomable catch-22 of trying to get into a career path that requires experience, but not being able to get experience because no one will hire you, then you know how frustrating it can be to search for jobs every day.

Your stress levels are likely through the roof as you try to locate the happy medium. Taking a temp job in your desired field, even if only for a few months, gives you some experience and exposure to the career that you’re trying to obtain.

 2.      A Dose of Reality

It’s easy to dream big about a career and see only the positives of that career choice when you aren’t actually in it. But reality can be a tough shock if you realize that your chosen path isn’t actually what you envisioned it being, and that realization may come too late if you realize it after you’re already locked into a job contract.

Temp jobs give you the opportunity to get your feet wet in an industry without the full commitment that accepting a salaried position requires.

 3.      The Chance to Network

Getting a foot in the door, even if it’s only temporarily, can give you the opportunity you need to meet people that can help you advance farther into your job.

One good first impression can be a game-changer when it comes to a career opportunity, and taking advantage of your time at a company to meet any and all key players is more than you’ll ever get from sulking behind a desk at a job that you hate or chaining yourself to the computer to send out resumes.

 4.      A Potential Job

While some temp jobs are exactly how they sound – temporary – others may open up the possibility from moving to temporary employee to salaried employee. Temp jobs are a great time to test out your compatibility with a particular company and a particular industry.

It’s like taking a car for a test drive, you can give it a whirl and if you love it then work hard to find a way to either stay at the company or find a similar one. If you hate it then you can just leave, no harm, no foul and move on to something that you find more rewarding.

 5.      Training

Taking a temporary position can provide you with valuable training in the work field that you’d be otherwise lacking. It gives you a chance to learn the ins and outs of certain positions which puts you ahead of others that could be considered your competition.

If you’re unhappy at your current position and you’re looking for a new job or even just looking for a job period, a temp job at a company in your desired field could end up being the solution to your problems. Don’t reject its worth simply because you bought into the misconception that a temp job wasn’t a real opportunity.

Temp jobs can offer opportunities for career growth that you’d otherwise miss out on if you allowed yourself to be stuck in an unfulfilling position. It could end up restoring balance to your life, balance that you would have otherwise missed.

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