Watching a blooper reel for a TV show can be pretty hilarious—all the actors start laughing at their own mistakes and having a great time on set. They have one of the only jobs where mistakes are expected and sometimes even turn out funnier than the script

Most employers take mistakes much more seriously—and nobody’s laughing if you blunder your way through a job interview

In a meeting where your career depends on putting your best foot forward, it’s easy to crumble under the pressure. Candidates who are terrified of messing up can actually cost themselves a job by letting their nerves show through. And here’s the craziest part: even if you make it through the interview without a single mistake, it still might not be enough

Employers are looking for that little something extra, that X factor. Of course, you can’t just become more talented or more charismatic overnight (and we can’t tell you how to overhaul your personality). But you can use these great tips from Company Folders to prepare for your next interview and make yourself stand out from the candidate pack

17+ Top Work Interview Tips for Job Seekers