No matter which industry you work in, there will be some days which really test your ability to stay positive.

Whether it’s tight deadlines, difficult colleagues or tricky clients, work throws its daily challenges at us, making it hard to keep a glass-half-full mindset all the time.

All of these trickier moments can really chip away at us, building up stress. In fact, according to research by, 80% of us feel stressed in the workplace and 42% said their coworkers need help to manage stress.

Stress can be counter productive to work and as this post from Chron suggests, can even lead to workplace injuries.

So, when the going gets tough and it seems like the odds are stacked against you, how do you make sure that you keep upbeat and switched on?

One way is to check out this new handy infographic from which offers lots of tips on how to approach every day with an enthusiastic mindset.

It’s called ‘13 Ways To Remain Positive Whatever The Situation’ and covers everything from keeping a healthy routine to listening to the right kind of music and more. Take a look for yourself below and approach every working day with a glass-half-full mindset!


13 Ways To Remain Positive Whatever The Situation (INFOGRAPHIC)