If you are an aspiring professional or striving entrepreneur in any industry, it is highly likely that you are at least partly inspired by a successful figure in your line of work.

Following the success of certain individuals can provide us with a little perspective and that extra drive to pursue our professional goals, especially if they have a rags-to-riches tale behind their achievements.

We regularly hear and read about the same big names and how they succeeded in their industry.

Whether it’s Sir Richard Branson who started a magazine when he was just sixteen or KFC’s Colonel Sanders who began by serving his chicken from a petrol station he ran, there are plenty of stories to inspire any of us to succeed.

There are many lists online where you can read up about all of these successful and inspirational people.

However, something which quickly becomes apparent is that there are little or no inspirational figures in these lists. Does this mean that there aren’t any? No, far from it.

There are actually many extremely successful women entrepreneurs whose story would inspire any of us, they perhaps don’t always get the coverage they deserve.

With that in mind, silverdoor.co.uk has put together a very interesting infographic which covers this very issue. Titled ‘10 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs & Lessons You Can Learn From Them’, you can check it out below.

10 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs & Lessons You Can Learn From Them (INFOGRAPHIC)