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Managing Your Online Image, Take Two

Last month I told you about how I nearly blew my interview here at Balanced WorkLife.

Thankfully, being Googled by my prospective employer brought forth search results that were professional and conservative. Possibly even boring.

But the moment I was caught unprepared during my interview – and afterward, especially afterward! – I was feeling like quite the dunce for not being more on top of my online image.

Know what always makes me you feel better when I’ve you’ve made a mistake?

Learning that I’m you’re not the only one!

So you can imagine my excitement over discovering this infographic on Alltop today, illustrating survey results about the negative consequences experienced when people ignore their online image.

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I never considered that I could lose my health insurance or get turned down for a mortgage based on content online about me. Whoa.

Good thing I’m boring.

Image courtesy of Dave Hoffman.

How To Blow Your Interview: Just 6 Little Letters

Editor’s Note:  It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to our newest team member at Balanced WorkLife, Michelle Agner.  She will be helping me with Marketing and the Blog, so expect to see more of her. Enjoy! – Bryce

Hi, I’m new here. Nice to meet you!

A few weeks back, Bryce indicated that he was seeking some assistance with the growing online community we have at Balanced WorkLife.

His Many Hats Matrix appealed to my marketing interests and it revealed the possibility that perhaps I really could contribute to a team and remain balanced enough to be mentally present when I was away from work.

You see, I have a history of getting consumed by work. But that’s another story.

So I submitted my resume. Little did I expect what happened next:

I got an interview!

Research, research, research

In prep for our meeting, I began researching. Who was this company? Who do they serve? How does their blog tie in with their products and services? Where did the company founders come from? What do they specialize in? Who’s this Bryce guy and what can I learn from him?

You know the drill. I prepared. Thanks, Google!

And then…..

I got Googled!

At the interview, Bryce said, “I really enjoyed that video from your last job.”


The one on YouTube,” he said, “When your old boss and team were saying goodbye and encouraging your clients to wish you well. That was great.”

Uh, yeah, that was great. That’s still up there?!

My mind immediately jumped to all those articles, news stories and blog posts out there that talk about carefully managing your online presence. For just such an occasion.

Having been out of the workforce for a while, all those warnings had faded into the background. But at that moment in my interview, they were front and center. I suddenly had a few concerns.

What else is out there? Did I do my privacy settings properly? Did my sister un-tag that especially unattractive picture? Did last month’s Happy Hour result in any photos being posted?! Did my snarky intolerance of other people’s kids show up on Twitter? Aaaack!

Fortunately, my online presence is appropriately professional – you might even say boring – and I was offered the job.


So again, nice to meet you! I look forward to learning more about the growing community here and what your specialties and interests are.

Have you ever been caught unaware when you got Googled? Do tell!

About the Author: The newest team member at Balanced WorkLife, Michelle Agner successfully combined her process-focused engineering background with her marketing interests, even when all the creatives on her team laughed at the campaign flow diagrams she constantly drew. That same team also beat the corporate jargon and grammar snob out of her so that her writing no longer put them to sleep. She’s thankful for their tough love, and hopes you are, too.

Image courtesy of Stefan.