One-on-One Coaching

There are thousands of business and career coaches out on the web today…so what makes us different?

1. The first thing you’ll find out when working with us is that we get to KNOW our clients.

Before we even start any coaching, we’ll have you take one of our validated talent assessments and go over it together. We find it’s a very effective tool for understanding how you prefer to work, what motivates you, and what your talents are.

2. Second, we’ll customize the program around your short and long-term goals.

No career or business is the same, so how can one-size-fits-all coaching work?

It can’t. So we design our coaching for the individual.

We have thousands of modules, trainings, workshops, and other tools for hundreds of themes including: confidence, networking, leadership, communication, management, and many more.

If we don’t have the resources to help you, no one will.

3. Third, we’re backed by over 15 years of business and several Fortune 500 clients.

The coaching you will receive from The Balanced WorkLife Company is top of class.

We work with executives and managers from some of the most competitive companies out there.

We put quality over quantity. Think of our coaching model as more Tiffany’stm and less McDonald’stm.

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